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Wyoming Child Support Calculator| Guidelines

An online interactive form is provided by the State of Wyoming in the form of a Child Support Calculator, which can be used by parents to make online calculations of how much child support payments are to be made. These calculations are made using the laws in Wyoming, however these are only an estimate and the final figure might be different from that determined by the court. This is because the court can take different factors into account when making the final estimate, depending upon unique circumstances of each parent or child.

How to Calculate
Step 1: Go to this website


Step 2: Calculate the following information:

  • Enter Mother’s NET Monthly Income
  • Enter Father’s NET Monthly Income
  • Combined NET Monthly Income
  • Basic joint support obligations of parents (from support tables)
  • Select Number of Children
  • Custodial Parent

Step 3: The program will automatically calculate the proportional share of each parent
The Calculator uses child support tables to make the calculation.

Download (PDF, 186KB)


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