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West Virginia Child Support Calculator | Guidelines

An online tool provided by the State of West Virginia is the West Virginia Child Support Calculator, which makes its calculations using the West Virginia Code, Chapter 48, which are the laws governing all child support order matters in the State. This calculator, which is a worksheet, helps parents to determine the figure of child support that they may be required to give or that others may be obligated to pay to them. However, the amount calculated is just an estimate, not the final figure. This is because the judge may take into factor other circumstances or have extra data that they can use to determine the final figure. However, the calculations that are made are based on the child support laws in West Virginia, therefore it is still helpful in getting an idea of how much child support payment will have to be given.

How to Calculate

Step 1: Download worksheet.

Download (PDF, 35KB)

Step 2: Enter the following information for each parent:

  • Monthly Gross Income (Exclusive of overtime compensation)
  • Plus overtime compensation, if not excluded, and not to exceed 50%
  • Minus preexisting child support payment
  • Minus maintenance paid
  • Minus additional dependents deduction
  • Equals Monthly Adjusted Gross Income

Step 3: Add both parents income together to get the combined income and then figure out the percentage share by dividing each parent’s income by the combined income
Step 4: Get the Basic support obligation from the guidelines
Step 5: Calculate any adjustments for expenses paid directly and add to the basic support obligation
Step 6: Calculate each parent’s share of the total by multiplying the percentage share for each parent by the total support obligation.

Download (PDF, 59KB)


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