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Michigan Child Support Enforcement

If parents wish to avail the services offered by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Child Support in Michigan, or seek help with the enforcement of child support payments, then they are required to provide as much information as they can. This is especially true for custodial parents who need to supply as much data as possible about the non custodial parent alongside any current child support orders. Only then will the department have all the information required to determine the circumstances and act in order to facilitate the parents. This information may be used by the Office of Child Support in order to help find a missing parent, enforce wage garnishment or enact an order to suspend the license of a non custodial parent in order to make it mandatory for them to financially support his or her children.

How to File a Complaint
Irrespective of whether the parent still lives with their child, the State of Michigan imposes a legal obligation upon each parent to financially support their children as long as they are minors. An application can be submitted by the custodial parent to the Office of Child Support, if the parent wishes to avail the enforcement mechanisms used in order to force the non custodial parent to meet his financial obligations, and pay past arrears. These facilities can more easily be  availed by the parent if he or she divulges as much information as possible about their children, current child support orders and the non custodial parent to the Office of Child Support. This is because the more information that the Office of Child Support has about current child support orders, and other relevant details, then the higher the chances are of them being able to lend help to the custodial parent. In order to avail these services, an application form has to be filled out which can be done either electronically using the website, or by filling out a paper application. The following are instructions for filling in and registering a paper application.

How to Fill In

Step 1:

 Download the application

Download (PDF, 785KB)

Step 2: At the top check whether you are the custodial parent or non custodial parent or other and then fill in the following information about the custodial parent:

  • Name
  • Maiden Name (If applicable)
  • Birth-date
  • Social Security No.
  • Home Address
  • Phone numbers

Step 3: Enter the following information about the non-custodial parent:

  • Parent’s Name
  • Maiden Name
  • Social Security No.
  • BirthDate
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Home Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Hair Color
  • Eye Color
  • Birthplace
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Car (Make, Model and Year)
  • License Plate Number
  • Race or Ethnic Code
  • Any Visual Marks or Scars
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Address
  • Employer Phone No.
  • Second Employer Name
  • Employer Address
  • Employer Phone No.

Step 4: Enter the following information about marital status

  • Has the mother ever married
  • Name of Spouse
  • Date Married
  • Place (City, County, State)
  • Is the mother separated?
  • Date
  • Court Order Exist?
  • Court Order No.
  • Where
  • Is the mother divorced?
  • Date
  • Court Order Exist?
  • Court Order No.
  • Where (City, County, State)

Step 5: Enter the following information about each child:

  • Child’s Full Name
  • Birth date
  • Social Security Number
  • Sex
  • City, County & State of Birth
  • Who paid for the birth of child?
  • When and where did the mother become pregnant?
  • Has the father completed a document admitting he is the father of the child, such as an Affidavit of Parentage or is there a court order establishing paternity?
  • If yes, provide the following information about that document:
    • Date
    • City
    • County
    • State
  • CHILD’S HEALTH CARE COVERAGE INFORMATION (attach copy of card(s), front & back)
    • Policy Holder’s Name
    • Health Care Company Name (Non-Medicaid)
    • Coverage Type
    • Policy or Group No.

Step 6: Enter the following information on page 3:

  • Check whether or not the disclosure of your address or other identifying information may result in physical or emotional harm to you or the child.
  • Check whether you have received or are currently receiving benefits from the Family Independence Program (FIP) or you have received past benefits from Aid to Dependent Children (ADC).
  • Check whether you have received or are currently receiving Medicaid (MA).
  • Check whether you are currently receiving: Food Assistance Program , Child Development and Care (CDC)
  • Check which services you want to receive

Step 7: Sign and mail with requisite attachments to:
Michigan Office of Child Support
Central Functions Unit
P.O. Box 30744
Lansing, MI 48909

What the Office of Child Support Can Do

The Office of Child Support can take a number of actions to collect owed child support including:

  • wage garnishment
  • tax refund offset
  • lien
  • license suspension
  • passport denial
  • credit reporting

Contact the Office of Child Support

Department of Human Services
235 S. Grand Ave.
P.O. Box 30037
Lansing, Michigan 48909


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