Under FEDERAL AND STATE LAW you may be entitled to INTEREST on the back child support the absent parent owes.

    Most government child support calculators do not calculate or collect back interest on the unpaid child support that is owed to custodial parents. Even though, in most states, federal and state laws authorize you to receive this interest.

    To see how much interest can be added to the back child support you are owed, fill out the fields in the Anycalculator Arrearage Calculator.

              Anycalculator  Child Support + Interest  Calculator

    Total Arrears (Money for child support not paid)

    Original Payment Judgement

    Payment Frequency Per Year

    State of Judgement

    Interest Owed On Each Payment

    Number of Interest Payments

    Total Interest Owed

    Total Arrearage+Interest


    This calculator provides an estimate only of the amount of past due child support and interest that may be owed to you and your family. Do not rely upon this calculation as an exact amount. This calculator is provided to you for information purposes only. The actual amount may be higher or lower.

    Anycalculator uses "an average of interest rates currently applied to past due child support in the United States." Each state has its own law providing for the interest rate that is allowed. Other factors that may affect the balance due should also be considered, such as income tax refund intercepts from the debtor.